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We support comprehensively the advancement of Japanese
companies to ASEAN countries


Chief Executive Officer Yasuo Miyazaki
Capital 6,000,000 THB.
Address Bangkok Office
9F, 9fl., Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Telephone +66(0)2-656-1600, +66(0)89-022-2967
Info info@mm-corporation.biz
Philosophy 1. We have the correct logical and values
2. And to cherish the heart to thank people
3. Genuity, can self-transformation
4. Reate what high commercial value
5. Fulfill the social responsibility
Chief executive officer
Yasuo Miyazaki
First-class architect
Service / Urban Planning & Design
In order to enrich the city, the total management
which from understand stream of timeline that
consistsof the factors such as “spread of town”
,”formation of the city”, and “future image of
the area”to “design of each parts of the city”is
In this time, we will make the new town plan
which expands from hi-speedtrain station.
Especially weare planning new agricultural
For this strategy,M&M Corporation Group
providescomprehensive solutions through
collaboration and participation of a wide range
of experts within within the Group,including
urban planners, architects, civil, engineers,
landscape designers, and relatives.

Project strategy

Lao PDR is one of the main place of GMS which located in center of IndochinaIsland, and situated between Thailand where industrial agglomeration is remarkable and Vietnam where industrialization is rapidly progressing.Lao government also has vision of the logistics hub base about here.While road infrastructure development is currently under developing, high-speed railway work leading from Southern Kunming via Laos,Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore is under construction and will complete by 2021. This project is planned around the site (total site area 2,000 ha) close to the high-speed railway Vientiane south station.

In addition, it is blessed with a good location with a straight line to the river side street of Vientiane of about 10 km, also 10 km to the border Nong Khai with Thailand. We are planning not only station area development, hub of logistics, and infrastructure such as roads,but also latest vegetable market system and agricultural specialize university at agriculture field which as main industry of Lao which 78% worker population working.
Addition to this, we will invite global level companies at education and medical section to get more demand from foreign long stay customer.
We must consider carefully about flow line of residence, commercial facility, hospital, and public organizations for people which uses hi-speed railway station can use all facilities with safety and convenience in the future.
We are making the plan that 20-30 thousand people can lives here.

Group Business 1. Technology Division
    ● Planning of construction, equipment, etc. Design, supervision
2. Urban business headquarters
    ● Infrastructure maintenance support
    ● Development of commercial facilities etc.
3. Housing Business Division
    ● Development of condominium
    ● Planning. Marketing. Sales
4. Wellness Business Division
    ● Health care facilities
    ● Planning of hotels, resorts, etc. Design
5. Overseas Business Division
    ● Overseas long stay
    ● Hotel Resort Development
    ● Support for overseas infrastructure development (Road, railway, public facilities, etc.)
6. Trade (Overseas)


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