Development of Makkasan District, to Bangkok’s largest terminal station

Makkasan area where we are eager for the biggest development in Bangkok than before.
It is a place where people come and go from day to night as an intersection of Airport Rail Link McAsan Station which links the city center of Bangkok with Suvarnabhumi Airport and MRT Petchaburi Subway Station.
Although it was a development project around Makkasan station which had been stopped for a long time due to economic stagnation, information arrived at last that the government is about to start moving.
Although details are not clarified, a shopping mall and others integrally with the above two stations are constructed, the total site area is 497 Lai 20 to 30 times of Terminal 21 in Asok, the project cost is about 100 billion baht It is expected to become.
According to the plan formulated in 2005, 99-story twin towers and construction of thousands of units of hotels and condominiums were planned, but according to the latest 2016 concept concept, serious traffic congestion and air pollution are eliminated It is expected that development will be independent of high-rise buildings, including increasing the area of ​​green areas and measures to alleviate congestion.
Currently the government is coordinating this project in the PPP format (public-private partnership), and it is rumored that selection of private companies will take place in the near future at the Cabinet meeting.
Normally, major companies (Central Group, CP Group, TCC Land, etc.) are likely to be selected from the past achievements and know-how, but in consideration of the severe business confidence in recent years, the possibility of waiting for major entries can not deny.
However, as a major point of transport connecting the airport and the city center of Bangkok, it will be certain that it will become a new large commercial facility for Japanese who live in the field if developed.