The best port in the southeastern part of Africa!

The best port in the southeastern part of Africa! Petrochemical
Construction, orders for Nakara Port Bay Project of
Mozambique for 25.6 billion yen!

The company announced that it received an order for development project of
Nakara port from the Department of Transportation and Communications of
Mozambique located in the southeastern part of Africa.
In this construction, we will expand the port area by dredging and landfilling the
existing Nakara port, we will also prepare container dedicated pier, access road and
in-house railroad etc.

The best natural harbor in Northern Africa, Nakara Port!

Nakara port located in the northern part of Mozambique is the third largest mozambique in terms of cargo handling volume and container handling volume, but deep water depth is 14 m and is the best natural southeastern part of southeastern Africa with high quietness. On the back ground, we have abundant natural resources and fertile agricultural land, private-sector investment activities and exploration of resources are becoming active, too.

Nakara port is also familiar with Malawi and Zambia who do not have sea, and it is
gaining attention as the entrance of the Nakara hall which boasts a population of
approximately 45 million people. By strengthening the transport capacity of Nakara Port, it is expected that it can be utilized not only for the development and revitalization of the Nakara economic corridor area originating from Nakara port but also as a supply base for natural resources and agricultural products to Japan.

In Mozambique recently, mineral resources such as coking coal and natural gas
have been discovered, not only have high agricultural potential, but economic
activity is becoming active. Along with that, the cargo volume at Nakara Port has
also increased dramatically, which is estimated to be about ten times as much as
2015 in 2030.

Meanwhile, about 40 years have passed since the completion of Nakara port,
facility and equipment are aging remarkably, and we have many problems such as
cargo handling efficiency, operation and maintenance ability and safety.
In the future, in order to cope with the drastic increase in cargo volume, it is
urgently necessary to refurbish existing aged port facilities and to improve the
efficiency of harbor loading and unloading.

Gyeongju Construction and Dongyu Construction Industry accept orders for development!

The joint company (JV) of Gokyo Corporation and Toho Construction Industry
received an order from the Department of Transport and Communications of
Mozambique for “Nakara Port Development I & II Stage”at about 25.6 billion
yen. At the 6th African Development Congress (TICAD VI) held in Kenya in

August 2016, the Japanese government announced its investment of about US $ 30
billion in public and private sectors to Africa through “high-quality infrastructure
exports” to Africa We are promoting strengthening of connectivity with other
countries. Pioneer and Donga Construction will make the most of the technological
expertise we have cultivated both in Japan and overseas and will continue to
contribute not only to Mozambique but also to further development in Africa.