Sri Lanka signs Hambantota port deal with China 99 years

Sri Lanka signs Hambantota port deal with China 99 years

Mark opposes, consideration for acquisition of airport

New Delhi Morihiro】According to the local newspaper, the Sri Lankan government confirmed that the Chinese flag is listed in the building of the port authorities on the 1st of this month, according to the local newspaper, the Sri Lankan government handed over the southern Hambantta port constructed with Chinese aid. Sri Lanka, who was in danger of repaying debt, was robbed of the infrastructure of the sea by “Kata of debt”. India, which competes with China in South Asia, will proceed with plans to purchase interests of nearby airports to compete. The former small fishing village has become a stage where countries’ expectations collide.

In Sri Lanka state enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China, Sri Lanka agreed to transfer 70% of the port management company’s shares to the Chinese side for 99 years last July. The Hong Kong signed an agreement document for trading of $ 1.12 billion (about 124 billion yen) and the port went to the Chinese side last month.

In the first place, the harbor was constructed during the former administration of Rajapakusa, a franchise faction, but the majority of the construction cost, which is estimated at about $ 1.3 billion, is loans from China. However, a high interest rate of up to 6.3% was regarded as a “nightmare” for Sri Lanka, which is in financial difficulty, and it was handed over to China in the form of a lease.

As a result of riding in China holding a contemporary silk road economic zone concept “one-way road”, criticism bursts out in the country with the appearance which surrendered the harbor. From the end of last year, harbor workers who raised a sense of crisis to be deprived of jobs are intermittently raising strikes, and the government is eager to calm down criticism with repeated emphasis on economic effects.

In response to these movements, India is interested in purchasing the interests of Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, which is about 20 kilometers from Hambantota Port. The airport was built by the former president of Rajapaksa, but the number of visitors was sluggish about 10 people per day, and it was temporarily used as a rice reservoir. It is hard to imagine that India has economic benefits from the acquisition of airports, and the implications of China’s deterrence against Hambantta’s control are strong.

In the Indian Ocean, submarine navigation in China will become normal and conditions that can not be viewed for India will continue. “It seems that there is a sense of crisis” India newspaper reporter “that” In this way, it will be made to be like China’s in South Asia “.